Personal Umbrella Insurance-an invaluable part of your personal insurance portfolio

Just because you’re not a billionaire, doesn’t mean you can’t be sued like one. Lawsuits, even baseless ones, are costly. Even if you win your costs can be in the hundreds of thousands, if not more. In today’s litigious society, more people
file lawsuits than ever before. Your personal liability on your home and automobile policy is likely not enough to protect you in today’s legal environment.

An umbrella policy offers an additional layer of protection, above and beyond what your home and auto policies have, to protect you and your family from damages you are held responsible for. The greater the wealth the greater the likelihood of being targeted with a lawsuit. Umbrella policies protect against personal liabilities attacking your current & future assets as well as future earnings. Please do yourself a favor and add an umbrella to your insurance portfolio. 

For more information about how a personal umbrella can benefit your family, please find our news articles on the subject here or contact us directly.

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