Times are changing and technology continues to get better, faster, cheaper. 3D printing is still a relatively new technology, but one that is getting more useful and more affordable. If you are a manufacturer of almost any kind, a 3D printer many be more of a necessity now than ever. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider adding a 3D printer to your inventory if you haven't already:

  1. Instant Gratification. Gone are the days of sending specs to a manufacturer and waiting for a sample then back and forth with revisions. For some products you may be able to DIY and have your prototype ready in days or hours compared to weeks or months. 
  2. Replacing dated parts. Finding a 20 year old widget might be easier today than 10 years ago, but if you have a part for a machine that you can create yourself, why search for endless hours and wait for it to arrive while your business is on hold when you may be able to create it yourself and get back to work? 
  3. Product testing. You may just want to see how something looks and feels before investing in expensive samples or prototypes. Print it, hold it, then produce it or toss it!
  4. Cool factor... Hey, it's pretty cool to create something and share this new technology with your staff and clients. It may not be the best reason, but there is the undeniable cool factor.

If you decide to purchase a 3D printer or already have one, you need proper insurance. Check with your broker as different carriers have different language and may not consider this under the standard data processing equipment coverage. You need to be sure that your investment is protected. Coverage should be affordable, you just need to be sure your insurance company knows what they are covering. Want to talk about this or insuring other gadgets? Contact us!