It's hard to believe that we're in December already. It seems every year most people start with good intentions for life changing behavior and major self improvements. The problem is that most people jump in on January 1st and hit their wall on the 3rd. Think about it... The number one New Years' resolution is to lose weight. There couldn't be a worse day possible to start that goal.  After Christmas, huge meals, parties and exhaustion from traveling and social functions. By January 1st you are ready to give up, not hit the gym.

The same goes for business resolutions. A lot of business owners go into an end of the year lull, thinking it's already over and that they'll just wait until January 1st to hit the New Year hard. It takes momentum to build traction. Instead of spinning your wheels the first couple of weeks then giving in to old routines, you need to start  your action NOW. Now is the time to take the steps to prepare yourself for an awesome new year and entire 2016! Hit the phones, start an email campaign, set up appointments for next year, get staff fired up about next year NOW, not next year...  Think about what you could be doing today that going to have positive effects on your business next year then take action.

Doing the easy thing is to let the chips fall for the remainder of 2015 and tell yourself that you're going to be unstoppable on Monday January 4th. Be unstoppable now, 2016 will thank you later.