BayRisk Insurance Brokers is proud to have aligned with the Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) administered by Veracity Insurance. This program is designed for artisan food manufacturers, small catering companies, and mobile food vendors including street vendors and food trucks or trailers. Coverage starts at $324 per year and can be placed immediately for qualifying businesses. Customers can instantly print their own policies and certificates of insurance. 

With the recent Cottage Food Act this will allow part time food related business owners to properly cover their business and get their product on the shelves of local stores that require general liability and product liability. It also fills the gap since most homeowner policies will not cover business related activities or property

"We are thrilled to have a product like this to help small businesses protect themselves while saving money and time. The FLIP program is a wonderful addition to BayRisk's goal of helping small businesses." said Denny Christner, Vice President of BayRisk Insurance and head of their food and hospitality insurance department. 

For instant quotes and coverage, please follow this link. For more information about this announcement and product, please contact BayRisk