Technology moves fast... The way the public searches, views and consumes information is rapidly changing as well. If you have not made changes to your website in the past three to five years to keep up, now is a good time. We just redesigned here are the reasons:

  1. Mobile compatibility. Mobile usage is on the verge of overtaking desktop usage. In our case it represents 38% of all views. Everyone seems to have a smart phone or tablet are grabbing for them before cracking the laptop or sitting down at their desktop. Your website must be easily navigable on these devices. Content Management Systems (CMS) are getting very good about making sure designs are mobile friendly. Many times the consumer is just looking for your contact information. Be sure your phone number or email address is quickly accessible on your desktop and mobile site. We have added a chat feature since some users prefer to ask a quick question via chat then have a longer discussion via phone or email afterwards. 
  2. Optimization. Newer sites tend to be better optimized for Search Engine Optimization. Quality information is better than too much information. Gone are the days when you could load your site with pages upon pages of data dumping and expecting to rank high. Google and your customers want quality content that is easy to find and relative to their search. Our new site condenses the information and puts the consumer first rather than trying to put search engines first. If you are considering or undergoing a site redesign consult with your clients about how the draft feels to them. You're making it for them, not you. 
  3. Visual Enhancement. Times change and so do trends. Being trending is less of a priority then the previous points, but it is important for your website to be visually appealing to the public. Your websites is not just a source of information,  is the digital storefront for your business. In most cases this is the first impression your clients will have of you and your business - Make it count!
  4. Ease of business. If you have a product or service that can be purchased through your website, you need to be sure you are using up to date software and that it works across all browsers. We offer instant quotes for businesses and online payments. We needed to be sure or software was compatible, easy to use and encrypted. The easier you make it for your customers to to business with you the more business you will get...

Your website might be just fine, but it's a good time to decide if fine is okay with you. The technology to update your website is readily available and getting more affordable. If you can't manage a design in-house there are very qualified professionals that can help you. Websites are typically going to be the best bang for your marketing buck. As we are already into 2016 planning season and budget preparation, take some time to consider if you are overdue for a website redesign. 

If you have any questions on this topic just let us know! We would be happy to discuss our process and resources with you. Our goal is to help our clients grow their business so that we protect them and grow ours.